Get to know Capricornia’s ancient cultures

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While staying at Villa Mar Colina, why not gather with our locals, get to know Capricornia’s ancient cultures and celebrate the Indigenous people of the Capricornia region?

This experience will allow you to walk away with a fascinating cultural insight, while you’re on holidays with us.

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Surviving over 50,000 years, Australia’s Indigenous culture is the oldest living cultural history in the world.

Darumbal People are the Traditional Custodians of the Capricorn Coast Area, Yeppoon, and Rockhampton.

Their Traditional Boundaries are Styx River to the North, Raglan Creek to the South, Westwood, and bottom of Mt Morgan Range to the West.

The Darumbal Nation consisted of four clan groups who lived in harmony with their country.

Our region here in the Capricorn Coast is home to the largest Aboriginal cultural centre in Australia; The Darumbal Dreamtime Centre.

Located a short 25 minute drive from Villa Mar Colina, the centre is the only indigenous Cultural Centre in Central Queensland.

Get to know Capricornia’s ancient cultures
Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia – Dreamtime aboriginal cultural centre in Rockhampton, QLD,

It promotes greater awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture through guided tours, educational visits, and hands-on cultural activities, such as face painting, didgeridoo demonstrations, dance routines and promotional displays.

Guided Tours operate regularly at 10.30am and 1pm, Monday to Friday.  

The centre is set on 12 hectares of land, divided by Limestone Creek.

The site is landscaped on the northern side of Limestone Creek with native plants, trees, and a large waterfall, which provides a stunning backdrop, whilst the gardens are part of an interpretive walk.

A parcel of this land still contains the traditional “ceremonial rings” of the Darumbul Tribe.

The Ted Mitchell Gallery presently contains the Vanishing Culture of the Sandstone Belt Display; a remarkable display of the traditional people of the Central Queensland Sandstone Belt and their culture, presented in 34 metres of reconstructed sandstone caves.

Delve deeper into the cultural centre and you will find replica burial and ceremonial sites from this vanishing culture of the Sandstone Wilderness.

Rock art is a significant storytelling piece in Aboriginal culture as it was how elders passed down knowledge to younger generations.

The Dreamtime Cultural Centre in Rockhampton allows you to interact with and understand these art pieces, while retracing the Darumbal people’s powerful history.

From Villa Mar Colina, the centre is only 32.3 km drive via Yeppoon Road, and makes for a worthwhile day trip when you holiday here with us.

Summary – Get to know Capricornia’s ancient cultures

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