Luxurious ways to enjoy a winter holiday in Yeppoon

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Yes, it’s that time of the year again! June, July and August are known as the “winter months” in Australia, and those of you looking for a wonderfully luxurious getaway should look are in for a treat when you spend your winter holiday in Yeppoon.

Why consider your winter holiday in Yeppoon? Well, Yeppoon is the hidden gem of Queensland that offers an array of different winter activities and beautiful destinations to visit. There’s the Southern Great Barrier Reef, the sandstone cliffs found around Yeppoon, and the Great Keppel Island and the rest of the Keppel Islands from Yeppoon Main Beach, it’s a great way to enjoy winter in Yeppoon.

One of the best times to visit Yeppoon is in the cooler winter months, you can stay outdoors and enjoy the cool breeze, the beautiful destinations, and the culinary treats Yeppoon has to offer.

Here are some ways to enjoy your winter holiday in Yeppoon:

Spend the day in Yeppoon’s luscious waters

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The first destination during your winter holiday in Yeppoon is to enjoy the main beach in Yeppoon, as well as the Yeppoon Lagoon. A great place to hang out with your family and friends, enjoying the cool breeze and warm laughs as you frolic around Yeppoon’s waters. Make sure to pack your swimming gear, as there are a lot of water activities on this side of town.

Visit Byfield National Park

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Located in Capricorn and approximately 70km northeast of Rockhampton, you’ll find outstanding coastal scenery, large expansive sand dunes, rugged pinnacles and remote camping opportunities at Byfield National Park and Byfield Conservation Park.

With the beautiful winter weather, you’ll find many activities to do at these destinations. Find amazing recreation areas such as rainforest-edged creeks and rugged mountains, there’s plenty to see when you visit Byfield State Forest.

Book a Great Keppel Island Day Trip tour

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Great Keppel Island is about 15km off the coast of Yeppoon, near Rockhampton in Central Queensland. There are plenty of ways to enjoy Great Keppel Island, and one of the ways is by booking a Great Keppel Island Day Tour. The tour will take you around the island where you will find secluded beaches and hidden snorkelling spots. Stunning natural beauty and a wonderful way of spending the day.

See The Singing Ship at Emu Park

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Just about 15 minutes down the road from Yeppoon is Emu Park and there you will find the Singing Ship. Set in a great location, the ship is equipped with pipes that are concealed. These pipes create musical sounds when the wind breezes through them.

The ship is a symbol to commemorate the exploration of Captain James Cook who discovered the area in May 1770. Take a stroll on Memorial Walk down to the Gatehouse and Anzac Court. You will also find a small park for the kids and the northern end of Emu Park Main Beach.

Make the most of your winter holiday in Yeppoon – Stay in a luxurious beachfront villa

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