Why booking direct will make a world of difference to travel

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We know you all have super itchy feet right now and are constantly seeking out social media for dream holiday destination inspiration. Why not make a direct hotel booking with us at Villa Mar Colina for your next beach getaway?

While online travel agencies (OTAs) and booking aggregators like Booking.com, Trivago, Expedia, and Agoda are the go-to for many holiday makers seeking the best price for their next journey to the Capricorn Coast, booking directly with us is often a better deal for both your family and ours. 

Why? OTAs or Online Travel Agencies are typically foreign-owned travel websites that specialise in the sale of travel products to consumers. The average OTA commission is around 18% of your booking value, which they force accommodation providers like us to pay them when you choose to book through them instead of booking directly with us.

While OTA systems were originally designed to sell excess rooms in times of slow demand, over time they have shifted their focus and are using their huge advertising budgets to dominate online accommodation searches. Just have a look at the results next time you search for Villa Mar Colina … and be sure to head to our website

With tourism and accommodation being one of the hardest hit industries through COVID, the heavy fees and commissions associated with these OTAs and booking aggregators will do little to help us and the Australian accommodation industry rebound. 

The solution? It is now more important than ever for our Aussie travellers to book directly with us and other accommodation providers along your trek. The best bit is that the price is the same from your perspective, however you are helping to keep your money within Australia instead of being siphoned off to overseas online booking behemoths. 

The major reason for people booking online instead of making a direct hotel booking is that travellers think they can get a cheaper price online. Online bookings sites add a commission to the room rate, which is usually about 18%. If a customer books a room via that platform, the accommodation provider must pay that commission to these overseas brokers.

These multi-million dollar overseas booking sites have huge advertising and marketing budgets which make it almost impossible for accommodation provider like us to be conveniently seen on the first page of Google, when visitors search for accommodation in Yeppoon.  Therefore, if we wish to be featured online the only way for us to do that is to join forces with these conglomerates, otherwise travellers may never know that our gorgeous villas and penthouses exists. 

Frustratingly, these online booking aggregators also make us pay a hefty price for this ‘privilege’ and then without our consent, they dictate what rate our rooms will be offered for online. 

For this reason, we will always happily match their online price when you make a direct hotel booking as it saves us having to pay these foreign companies any commission. That means more of your dollars stay in the local economy which will help Australia to bounce back, faster. 

Booking directly with us by phone or via our website, equals savings in your pocket which also means that you will have more money to spend on the amazing food, wine, shopping, and experiences that the Livingstone Shire has to offer. It also allows us to direct our commission savings into enhancing your stay with us. 

We are a small family-owned business that proudly employs local people and we want to ensure it stays that way by investing our funds back into the Queensland economy.

Booking directly through us supports a local Queensland business, a family, and the wider Yeppoon economy.

As we have also integrated our booking engine with our Facebook page to allow you to book directly from social media, it has never been easier to bypass the online booking aggressors and book direct with us. Let’s all do our bit to make a world of difference and help the Australian economy bounce back. 

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